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Racoon Fur Muff / Handwarmer

Genuine Racoon fur muff/handwarmer. It's very soft and fluffy with full sleek hair.

  • Number:FFMURAC01
  • Weight:600.000 (g)
  • NO.:FFMURAC01a
  • Brand:Faithfur
  • Unit:Piece
  • Score:13
  • List Price: $199.00
  • Price: $139.00
Color No. Price
Golden FFMURAC01a $139.00
Camel with Black Guard Hair FFMURAC01b $139.00
Purple FFMURAC01c $139.00


Racoon Fur Muff / Handwarmer
Real Racoon fur.
The best accessory in cold winter.
Genuine Racoon fur muff/handwarmer. It's very soft and fluffy with full sleek hair.
Gets your hands cozier and warmer in the cold weather.



Natural camel with black guard hair
One size
Approx length 23cm/9.1"
Note: means available currently. Special size, like XS and XXL etc should be customized. Please contact customer service.


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